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Started by Personal Trainer Alex Parsons in January 2012 with the Tots & Tums classes offering a unique way for mums to get fit – you can bring your buggy to the classes. 

Since 2012 the classes have developed in to a full range of exercises classes suitable for the newly postnatal to the Marathon fit. 

Children are welcome in all classes and the buggies are incorporated in to the Tots&Tums class, inside the children must stay in the buggy during the cardio part of the class, but we are all Mums and the children are included where ever possible and help us stretch at the end of the class. 

The aim behind all the classes is to make them inclusive to all women of all ages and levels of fitness, while getting fit we have a lot of fun and make some great friends. 

About Alex

Mums Fitness founder, Alex Parsons, an energetic personal trainer that specialises in women's fitness. She runs classes for women of all ages, all sizes and all levels of fitness. 

She provides a safe, enjoyable and a non-intimidating environment for women to get fit and lose weight. Alex gives the lessons a really personal feel. She encourages and motivates people so they can get the best out of their workout. Here's how she got started...

Ten years ago, Alex met her super-chef husband Nick, and started to pile on the pounds. She decided to do something about it, and so took up running. Alex had never run before, and could only make it a short distance down the road to start off with. She felt brave and decided to enter the Beachy Head Marathon! After four month's training she completed the marathon in five and a half hours and said: 'It was the best thing I ever did'.

Alex loves running over the Downs for the spectacular views, and after running for a year, she became pregnant, and, amazingly, continued exercising until she was eight month's pregnant.

Due to her baby being breech, Alex had to have an emergency caesarian. After two weeks post-birth, she was desperate to get back out there, and after consulting with her GP, who gave their blessing, Alex was back to running. We do does stress that it is always best to have your six week check up before resuming strenuous activity.

“After the birth of my daughter I realised that I had turned into a Mummy Blobby. Sleepless nights and endless boxes of chocolates arriving at the door really did not help, inside the old Alex was fighting to get out. Then, and until recently, there wasn't anywhere locally for mums to exercise with their babies. This was the inspiration behind the Tots & Tums classes.”

Alex went out running every day, and six months after the birth of her baby she ran in the Beachy Head marathon, again. This is what makes her such an inspirational teacher, she has a real passion for what she does and proves that with dedication and determination, you can achieve great things.

After five month's after the birth of her baby, Alex returned to work as a marketing executive for D&G fragrances, and was eventually made redundant. She used the redundancy money to start up her business, which is where her real passion lay. This is the story of how she got to where she is now, her incredible Mums' Fitness classes...

Alex says: “Come and get fit. It is not about being super-skinny, and not about fad diets, but about being fit. I can help you lose weight and get in shape. It's not just a job, it's what I believe in. Exercise has helped me so much, I want to pass the benefits on to other mums. 

I am convinced that exercise prevented me from getting postnatal depression. These classes are all about being able to run around with your children and not get out of breath, you can then educate your children about fresh air, exercise and healthy eating.”

YMCA Gym Instructor 

Premier Certificate in Advanced Personal Training

Premier Certificate in Exercise Prescription for Pre and Post Natal Clients

Premier Certificate in Nutritional Advice

Premier ViPR Instructor

Premier Kettlebell Training Instructor

Boxercise Instructor 16645

REPs R0081223

Insurance with fitpro with extended cover to include 

'Mothers Exercising Pushing Babies in Buggies Instruction'

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